Friday, December 13, 2013

Do you need advice about how to eat gluten free? Please don't go to Reddit to get it...

I'm sure you have heard of the website Reddit. It claims to be "the front page of the internet". You can basically post whatever you want about anything you want. For some bizarre reason, most people write posts just to get "up votes" meaning that readers liked their post. The flip side is that you can also receive "down votes" if the readers don't like what you have posted. The comments people leave after a post are for the most part excruciatingly mean. The other Redditors will "rip you a new one" just for sport. You can post a picture of the cutest baby kitten and someone will come along and, a.) down vote your post or b.) tell you that your kitten is the ugliest feline on the planet. I can't imagine someone posting a picture of their human baby expecting to get a kind response. It will not happen. If you have a gentle, kind soul and are looking for a place to "toughen up", just go on Reddit. Post a comment about how you are looking for a few new friends and would anybody on Reddit be interested. Under the guise of being anonymous, these people (I use that term very loosely) will toughen you up in no time with their horrible comments. I found this all out by mistakenly going on a gluten free forum located somewhere in the bowels of Reddit. It seems the real problem is that posts and comments can be misinterpreted. Ask a simple question in a neutral tone and then you get a virtual slap to the face with their snarky replies. The icing on the cake..the snarky replies actually get up votes. Reddit is not the place to go if you are looking for good advice on how to eat gluten free or anything else for that matter.

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